Routes to Birdsville

Although Birdsville itself is a spectacular destination, the journey is just as important. 

We have highlighted some of our favourite routes below and included some brief information on attractions to see along the way to ensure that your trip to Birdsville is everything that you hope for. When you arrive in Birdsville, call in to the Birdsville Roadhouse and let us know how your journey was!


To Birdsville from the South (via Birdsville and Strzlecki Tracks)

To Birdsville from the East

To Birdsville from the West (via Simpson Desert)

To Birdsville from the North

  • The Birdsville Track stretches from Birdsville to Marree. Photo: Kelly Theobald
  • You never know what you'll see on outback roads. Photo: Kelly Theobald
  • Birdsville Bakery signpost. Photo: Kelly Theobald