Action and Events

Big fun on Big Red, Kerri Lange, Toowoomba, QLD (July) Discussing the trip on Big Red. Jen Partl, Yackandandah, Vic. (August) It's a bloke thing... Jen Partl, Yackandandah, Vic. (August) We made it! Jen Partl, Yackandandah, Vic (August)
Waterhole watersport. Julie Marchant, Monkira Station, 250kms from Birdsville (July) Hmm... Illegal parking?! Kyle Baxter, Lilydale, Vic (August) The Spriggs arrive at Birdsville after the re-enactment trip across the Simpson in a G60 Patrol. Kyle Baxter, Lilydale, Vic (August) Frog admiring the Birdsville sunset. Kylie Bailey-Hill, Port Augusta S.A. (July)
Woodchopping the Birdsville way. Kylie Bailey-Hill, Port Augusta S.A. (July) Fishing at the old Diamantina Crossing. Makayla Gilby, Port Augusta S.A. (July) Outback race meet. Kelly Theobald, Birdsville Sunset ride. Kelly Theobald, Birdsville
Branding 'n Tagging Roy Bisson (October) Look what we found! Jen Partl, Yackandandah, Vic. (August) Say cheese! Jen Partl, Yackandandah, Vic. (August)