About Us

Peter & Bronwynne Barnes originally settled in Birdsville in 1985 when they opened Birdsville’s first workshop, then in Graham Street, known as Peter Barnes Auto. A Suzuki mounted on the roof was a much-loved sight in Birdsville at the time.

In 1991, a new complex was built to accommodate the workshop and fuel sales. Initially known as ‘Birdsville Auto’, the general store was soon added to the site, becoming an integral part of the business.

Now called the ‘Birdsville Roadhouse’, it’s the town’s main source of food and supplies, fuel, mechanical repairs and a great range of souvenirs, postcards and books.

With over 40 years of mechanical experience, Barnes’y has faced it all, particularly considering that over half of this time has been spent in outback Australia. He’s especially well-known for his vehicle rescues in the Simpson Desert and on the Birdsville Track, where he will travel for up to 300km to recover a car, trailer or caravan.

  • Barnes'y in the Simpson Desert
  • Barnes'y recovers vehicles from the Simpson Desert. Photo: Peter Barnes
  • Sam Barnes at the national Pines Enduro. Sponsored By: Jaycar Electronics, Phillips Foote Restaurant, The Outback Loop (Birdsville and Innaminka Hotels) and Birdsville Roadhouse.
  • Walter Barnes. Photo: Kelly Theobald
  • Sam, Bronwynne, Peter and Wally Barnes. Photo: Caitlyn Scott