4WD Adventure

Conquered Big Red. Kelly Theobald, Birdsville Brian Berry Big Red (October) Brian Berry Conquered Big Red (October) A chopper is in on the action. Jen Partl, Yackandandah, Vic. (August)
When I grow up, I want to be like Barnes'y! Birdsville kid Patrick often sees Barnes'y bring recoveries in from the desert so thought he'd give it a go himself. Olivia O'Neill, Birdsville (July) So this one isn't taken in the Channel County, but we thought we'd include it anyway to show the diversity of 4WDing in Australia. Andrew Lau, Cobungra, Vic (July) I told you the road was out! Janette Lawler, Tambo QLD. (August) I can see where I’ve come from but where am I going? Janette Lawler, Tambo QLD (August)
Driving off into the sunset. Janette Lawler, Tabo QLD (August) Loving Big Red. Jen Partl, Yackandandah, Vic. (August) Loving Big Red. Jen Partl, Yackandandah, Vic. (August) What happens after outback rain. Jen Partl, Yackandandah, Vic. (August)
Jimmy. Pete Wade, Charleville, QLD (July) Herbie enjoying sunset at Big Red. Wayne Rahn, Rosemount Qld (July) What an awesome feeling it is to be on top of the world! Kyle Baxter, Lilydale, Vic (August) 4WD fun in the sand... until it gets stuck! Tom Schumacher, Millicent, SA (July)
Tracks. Jen Partl, Yackandandah, Vic. (August)